ASM Recycling Ltd invests in Precia-Molen Weighbridges

Established in 1967 as a family business, ASM has been in the Metal Recycling Industry for over 40 years with a company philosophy of investing in new technology, plant, vehicles and qualified personnel.

As a multi-million pound business the company have worked with County Councils and Local Authorities and are respected as being one of the most modern and professional metal recycling operations in London and the surrounding areas.

Employing over 100 personnel across four sites the main metal processing site is based on a ¾ acre site in Griffin Lane, Aylesbury where they operate a VS200CS – 50 tonne weighbridge, platform scales, a 960 tonne hydraulic shear, four 35 tonne material handling cranes and a five bay vehicle dismantling workshop.

Weighbridges throughout the company play a huge part in the daily business at the four sites. The weighbridge system installed at Aylesbury acts as an effective site vehicle management system for both weighed and non-weighed vehicles, reducing waiting times and improving site security. With a relatively small footprint at Aylesbury, vehicles to be weighed and non-weighed service vehicles all pass across the weighbridges with vehicle access being controlled via a manually operated barrier system.


With a mixed incoming waste stream from demolition contractors, the public and companies that generate metal recycling, the on-site 18 metre long, 50 tonne, VS200CS handles a steady flow of traffic. Installed over eight years ago the VS200CS has proved robust and reliable, weighing the company’s fleet of 44 tonne articulated vehicles, and 32 tonne skip lorries, who ply their way back and forth in a working day.

Part of the on-site weighing process at ASM is also covered by platform scales located within the site which have been supplied and installed by Precia-Molen. These scales are covered by CCTV which captures an image for a visual record every time an item is weighed.

Correct weighing is essential

As in any operation of this type correct weighing is essential; here the simple I 300 digital weight indicator display records, and provides a clear and accurate visual of gross and tare weights for all traffic crossing the weighbridge.

Dedicated to the management of weighing vehicles on a weighbridge, the I 300 indicator is a weighing terminal with advanced functions. Its multi-function graphic screen and its configurable software enable the customisation of a weighing station as a function of the application:

  • Management of weighing’s in a single weighing (one pass). With input of the tare or a      reminder about a memorized tare
  • Management of weighing’s in in/out weighing (two passes) and dosing -loading or      unloading of vehicles in gross or net weight.
  • Management of lights for traffic regulation on weighbridge (digital I/ O module as an      option).

The I 300 terminal can manage up to two weighbridges (second measurement board optional). It also enables multi-channel management of weighbridges composed of two independent platforms and has an optional data saving system so that all weighing’s made can be recorded, thus avoiding the need to add a check printer (alibi printer). A complete range of interfaces, peripherals and accessories, optimizes the integration into an existing installation. The I 300 terminal can also be supplied with a PC type keyboard and a bar code reader to speed up data input.

Working in arduous conditions

At the Aylesbury site the innovative low profile VS200CS in ground weighbridge provides an unparalleled flexible solution for all ASM’s vehicle weighing applications. Of robust composite concrete and steel construction the VS200CS is an extremely cost-effective weighbridge to install and operate, even in the most arduous working environments of the Recycling Industry, yet enables maintenance requirements to be kept to a minimum.

The versatile modular construction of the VS200CS is designed by Precia-Molen to combine speed of installation with minimal foundations. This modular design concept is based on two sizes of interlocking module, 4.5 and 6 metres in length.  These modules can be linked together in various combinations to create a range of platform sizes up to 24 metres in length.  Standard module widths are 3 metres for normal road vehicles, and 3.5 metres to accommodate off road vehicles.

The site cast concrete foundation together with the weighbridge steel frames acts as an integral shutter for the casting of the entire re-inforced concrete deck.  This eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment and enables the weighbridge to be easily installed in situations where space is restricted.  The integral lifting points in each module make the VS200CS suitable for easy re-location.

Special load cell mounting system

A key feature on all Precia-Molen weighbridges is the load cell mounting system which features a self-aligning rocker support assembly which is engineered to withstand years of heavy usage.  Access for maintenance to the restraining system and to the load cells is from the surface via removable heavy duty cover plates enabling routine maintenance to be carried out in full accordance with the latest health and safety procedures.

A further important innovation of the VS200CS is the unique restraining system which protects the platform against transverse and longitudinal movement and eliminates all braking forces and shock loads.  This enables the VS200CS weighbridge to accommodate traffic manoeuvring in any direction across its flush platform – making it ideal for installations with limited space.

The weighbridge is supported on SCL load cells manufactured by Precia-Molen in one of the world’s most advanced load cell production facilities, where they are calibrated and tested to the most exacting standards. Precia-Molen SCL load cells are produced in stainless steel and hermetically sealed to IP68 and are renowned for their reliability, durability and exceptional performance and weighing accuracy.

Reliable weighing on four sites

ASM are clearly delighted with the reliability of the product as both their Kings Langley and Thame sites have seen further installations of Precia-Molen weighbridges and associated equipment in the last two years. With a VS500 installed in March of this year at their new site in Kings Langley, their 8 acre site in Thame also boasts a VS400S that deals with all the incoming end of life vehicles that are brought in by the public. Processing over 18,000 vehicles a year vehicles are bought into the Thame site for repair and resale, or stripped of parts for sale on the company’s website. After stripping any residue the vehicle is then weighed and delivered to the Aylesbury site for processing.

The installation of the VS400S and the VS500 weighbridges has provided ASM with the most flexible weighbridge solution for all their weighing applications. Both weighbridges combine strength, durability and flexibility with a modular, all steel, fully welded construction that is entirely suitable for in ground or surface mounted installation.

Ideal for the recycling industry both the VS400S and the VS500 are constructed to provide an extremely rigid and reliable platform structure, having tremendous inherent strength to withstand the most arduous heavy-duty operations.

Chris Holmes – Contract Manager at the Aylesbury site, commented, “we had the weighbridge installed in 2004 at Aylesbury and have been extremely impressed with its reliability and performance.”