Precia-Molen provides weighbridge management system for Carrieres de la Vallee Heureuse Quarries.

Situated in the Marquise basin between Boulogne sur Mer and Calais, Carrieres de la Vallee Heureuse Quarries (CVHQ) produce over 15,000 tonnes of aggregates every day. With over 200 ha of a hard compact limestone deposit the company extract sand, gravel, limestone flux, limestone chippings, micro-sized limestone and rockfill which are transported by road, rail, sea and river to customers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.


CVHQ has a dynamic, committed company policy and was one of the first sites in France to obtain triple certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

With over an average of 400 trucks (600 in peak periods) visiting the busy site daily CVHQ recognised the need to improve its customer service with regard to identification of customer requirements, monitoring orders and optimisation of truck loading on-site.

Subsequently, following a tender process CVHQ awarded an order to Precia-Molen to supply and install a bespoke weighbridge management system. Offering a wealth of software functions well beyond simple weighing, Precia-Molen supplied a weighing solution comprising a touch screen driver console together with ROC weighbridges which has met the demands of CVHQ by providing a total package which has allowed them to optimise customer satisfaction by improving quality of service and productivity.

For road shipments CVHQ had a desire to improve its customer service, from identification of customer requirements to monitoring orders and optimised loading of trucks on-site. The Precia-Molen system has helped the company to achieve its quality objectives by – delivering the right product, at the right weight to the right destination whilst limiting the impact on the environment by reducing health and safety relating to traffic on-site and reducing the amount of time vehicles spend on site.

Load Management Software
Previously the site was equipped with a weighbridge at the entrance, a weighbridge at the exit and a “pre-checking bridge” in the quarry. The new system comprises five weighbridges, two at the entrance, two at the exit and a ‘pre-checking weighbridge’ in the quarry. The weighbridges are driver operated using BI WIN driver consoles.

On arrival at site the driver presents his badge to the driver console and once identified the barrier opens allowing access to the site. The vehicle is immediately identified and associated with a product and a loading point. Delivery notes are printed automatically from touch screens positioned on the two exit weighbridges.

The information recorded (in real time) on entry is displayed on large information panels. Loading orders are transmitted by radio link to terminals located at the fixed and mobile loading points allowing immediate identification by the operators.

The touch screen driver console, with integrated industrial PC also allows:

  • The display of customised messages:- Badge Presenter/Badge authorised/Badge refused etc.
  • Transmission of date to the system host (e.g., visits by numbered badges)
  • Activation of outputs configured by the system host (activation, barrier opening, for example)
  • Access control configuration is carried out via a keyboard within the BI WIN driver console. The on-board PC, which is protected against voltage outages, includes software for processing access badges, counting vehicles, and other information vital to the efficient management of the site.
  • An integrated 12V battery allows data to be saved in the event of mains failure. Database updates are completed automatically via the Ethernet link providing the site manager with a database updated in real time.

By rationalising the loading and movement of trucks and loading equipment, CVHQ have improved site safety and service and productivity ratios.

CVHQ has also benefitted from better visibility of loading operations. With this tracking system hauliers are easily identified, operators who load the trucks know where vehicles are and what they must do in real time.

As traffic is more fluid at the entrance and exit the time on site has been optimised, accident risks have been reduced and the impact on the environment limited. CVHQ have also been able to eliminate overloading on departing vehicles.

“The Precia-Molen solutions came into operation at the start of the year. We were able to count on the professionalism and support of the Precia-Molen highly mobilised teams on the ground, to guarantee an on schedule start-up of the installation. We are satisfied with the initial results”, concluded Bruno Devaux – Industrial Performance Director of CVHQ.