Shering supply a total weighing operation for the state-of-the-art East London Biogas plant in Dagenham.

Now part of the Precia-Molen group, Shering Weighing are an innovator and market leading weighbridge manufacturer with many successful installations within the AD and Recycling Industries. With a worldwide reputation for an established and widely recognised weighbridge design it was an easy choice for East London Biogas to select Shering to install the weighbridges, traffic management equipment and interfacing software for the new state-of-the-art £21m renewable energy and organic waste facility at Dagenham.

The East London Biogas plant is Central London’s first anaerobic digestion plant, and was officially opened in early 2014 by Business Secretary Vince Cable. The AD plant generates approximately 1.5MW of renewable electricity, which is enough to provide power to approximately 2,000 homes. Along with East London Biogas’s co-located in-vessel composting (IVC) unit, the facility produces a range of quality digestate and compost materials which are used in agriculture, horticulture, land remediation and landscaping.

The facility will divert a total of 49,000 tonnes per annum of waste from landfill and, over its 25 year lifetime reduce CO2 emissions by 185,000 tonnes.


The installation
Due to the life expectancy of the site, the weighbridges selected needed to be both long lasting and reliable so that any potential downtime was avoided; Shering weighbridges fitted this bill. Made to such a high standard Shering weighbridges are designed to be as reliable and long lasting as possibl

e, with only the highest quality components being utilised throughout. This focus on quality and reliability affords Shering the confidence to offer the longest warranties of any weighbridge manufacturer allowing East London Biogas to focus on its business and not worry about the long term costs of maintenance.

For the project Shering supplied a 16.5 x 3m ‘Gold’ Tiger Pit Weighbridge with Command 9000 Software including an additional management licence and driver operated module.

A Management Module 2 and also a Module for invoicing was also installed including a laser printer, a parallel printer and a PC.

Site operation
The site operates a five day week from 7.00am until 5.00pm and receives up to 20 daily deliveries of food waste from local authorities and commercial premises within the London area. As the site produces compost and digested material from the waste this is collected by a further 25 tankers and trucks each day.

Every truck passes over the fully automated weighbridge. Traffic management is controlled by two barriers each with a terminal for incoming and exiting vehicles.

Strictly controlled by the Environment Agency it is essential that ‘duty of care’ paperwork is provided for every incoming and exiting truck to the site. Full traceability is necessary for every movement – identifying the load and the haulier.

This process requires some interaction with the drivers. Each (registered) driver has a fob to swipe which is presented to the terminal, which in turn recognises the vehicle by registration number plate and correct material type. The vehicle is then weighed for the gross weight which then allows the truck on site. The barrier lifts up and the driver communicates directly by radio to the ‘tipping’ shed where one of the operators opens the shutter doors to allow access. The driver then tips his load and the paperwork is checked; the vehicle is then washed. On return to the weighbridge the fob is swiped again and the transaction is completed by recording the nett weight of the vehicle and confirmation of the correct load information.


This procedure for ‘off takers’ is almost identical with the empty truck or tanker being weighed for gross weight and then proceeding to the collection point where the loading is facilitated. Once completed the truck returns to the weighbridge to register the nett weight and load information to complete the transaction.

If an unregistered truck enters the site the driver has to call the administration office using the radio, the vehicle is then weighed and proceeds to the office for further instruction.

Adam Szilagyi – Site Manager, commented, “The weighbridge installation was part of the overall site build and completed successfully within the stipulated time frame by the Shering engineers. Overall it’s a reliable weighbridge and the driver operated module and software ensure we maintain documentation of all site traffic.”