Smédar adopts Precia-Molen solutions to optimise and reorganise the management of waste on its six sites.

During 2012 Smédar (Rouen Public-Private Waste Disposal Syndicate) finalised the deployment of a global interactive weighing solution on all its sites. Intended to optimise truck handling and data management from weighing, this has increased efficiency and performance through the reorganisation that followed the installation of the new system.

After a call for tenders, Smédar selected weighing specialist Precia-Molen who offered an optimum solution including tailor-made support from a dedicated team and innovative products which included high value added software from the TRADIM Company.


Truck Weighing – A strategic activity in Waste Management
At the heart of the operation, truck weighing facilitates the local authority to invoice customers for the treatment of their waste. Created in 1999, Smédar operates as a local authority, recycling waste for 164 communities with 610,000 inhabitants. Every year over 450,000 tonnes of waste are received at the six sites, representing over 160,000 recorded weighings. The new solution ensures fast and efficient weighing operations and provides centralised management of data from the six sites.

In total three Precia-Molen ROC weighbridges and two weighbridges for weighing clinical waste have been installed at the entrance and/or exit of the site. In parallel, eight other weighbridges have been equipped with the interactive weighing equipment. Each weighbridge is connected to an access control terminal with IP communication which manages the data using the Quantum software developed by the TRADIM Company.
All the Smédar sites have benefitted from the deployment of the new equipment, including the VESTA Eco-Centre in Grand-Quevilly (dedicated to protection of the environment) where the majority of the new equipment is installed. Smédar also has two green waste composting installations and a wood sorting installation. Five MRF’s (for towns a long way from the treatment sites) have also been equipped, or benefit from the weighbridges at other installations, depending on their geographical proximity.

The collection truck driver – the key player in the system
The principle is simple and quick. All collection truck drivers identify themselves by presenting their badge card to the weighing terminal allowing them access to the site. The terminal displays a selection of different types of wastes and the driver is prompted to make the correct selection using the touch screen. The vehicle weight is taken and the terminal dispenses a weight ticket. Should there be any query the driver may also call the weighbridge office using the terminal interphone.

Using this interactive system the drivers gain time and avoid any input errors with an average weighing completed in less than seven seconds.

Clinical waste is delivered in trays equipped with an RFID tag. These are identified and weighed at the entrance and tracked until they are re-weighed at the exit weighbridge.The weighbridges are connected to a weighing terminal with Ethernet IP and hand-held PDA for scanning and recording the trays.

Precia-Molen also installed and connected radioactivity measurement units to the weighing terminals. When a driver presents his badge, the incoming weight is associated with the measured radioactivity value. If the threshold is exceeded an alarm is triggered and the vehicle is then placed in an isolation zone for a repeat measurement. If this is still positive the software allows the production of a slip which includes all the monitored information.


Reorganised “Weighing” activity
Through the new Precia-Molen system all Smédar sites are now interconnected which provides centralised, optimised weighing data processing times on the VESTA Eco-Centre servers. Currently customers are invoiced in a 15 day time frame where previously it took two months. Real time processing is also possible but not applied as the authority currently retains data verification by the Management Control department.

The new system has allowed complete reorganisation of the “weighing” activity. As the terminal allows the barriers or gate to be opened by the driver’s badge, the presence of a receptionist is no longer necessary. Freed from time consuming input operations staff can undertake other activities such as loading and unloading waste, cleaning sites etc.

This large scale project required wide expertise, not only in weighing technology, but in civil engineering, network cabling, communication and software. Supported by partner’s expert in their field, such as TRADIM, Precia-Molen mastered all the technical and strategic expertise required for the installation.