Weighbridge driver console BI400

The BI 400 weighbridge driver console is designed to combine a weighing instrument, an interface to drivers, and a traffic management tool.
Fully controlled by a remote PC via an Ethernet connection, the BI 400 weighbridge driver console ensures traceability of weighing operations, without limiting site operating hours or operator presence.
The BI400 has been designed as a robust stand alone product to provide reliable operation in the harshest of environments.

  • Easy and safe to use,
  • Fully protected against climatic conditions,
  • Easy access to internal components (maintenance and consumable replacement).

The BI 400 weighbridge driver console is available with standard applications developed by PRECIA-MOLEN:

  • Stand-alone version (integral PC card),
  • Slave version controlled via TCP/IP socket, open protocol with simulation kit for development.
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