Shering VS5020S Steel surface/pit mounted weighbridge

The Shering VS5020S steel surface/pit mounted weighbridge is an extremely versatile weighbridge from the world leader in weighbridge technology. Its futuristic monocoque design produces a very rigid platform structure with tremendous inherent strength and durability unsurpassed in the weighbridge market.

The combination of new materials and advanced coating protection system technology delivers a weighbridge structure designed to fulfil all requirements for users looking for a dependable long-lasting weighbridge suitable for operating in the most arduous industrial environments.

The VS5020S is a very streamline weighbridge with a unique design which achieves a low profile dimension of only 34cm whilst retaining exceptional strength and rigidity. Its versatility in design enables the VS5020S to be either surface or pit mounted. Both versions are offered with the option of a vehicle guidance system.

As with all weighbridges within the Shering range, the weighbridge platform is constructed using 125mm on the plain (15mm over pattern) thick Durbar chequered steel plates.

The platform plate seams are all continuously welded and the surface treatment [CPS] consists of a special high corrosion-resistant surface coating system.

All load cell cables are enclosed in flexible stainless steel conduit to protect against accidental or vermin damage.

The standard VS5020S is 3m wide and is available in the following platform lengths: 8m, 10m, 15m, 16m and 18m. Other sizes and widths are available on request.

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